Blog Articles or Post Should just Suck People into Your Blog

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This is a travel blog with a wonderful first article on it – very well written. It was about a survey that showed that Muslims preferred going to France on summer holiday- with Great Britain not far behind.

Where do Muslims go for holiday?

That was very clever to draw a person in by writing about Muslims and summer vacations especially with the situation in the Middle East in everyone’s news feed – very clever indeed. I wonder how many viewers that one article got!

How to build a blog

This is how you build a good blog – with articles that just sucks people in. I still have the same question on this blog that I put on another blog – why build your infrastructure with a powerful first article and then just let the blog sit there; doing nothing to entertain the visitor. I would come back – in fact I already did – second time to this blog and it is the same as what I saw the first time. I won’t come again.

Visitors Want More

You are losing web visitors instead of having more visitors. It seems like such a waste of time to get everything up and ready and then nothing! And the Muslim article was genius – what a way to suck viewers in.