Blog Articles or Post Should just Suck People into Your Blog

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This is a travel blog with a wonderful first article on it – very well written. It was about a survey that showed that Muslims preferred going to France on summer holiday- with Great Britain not far behind.

Where do Muslims go for holiday?

That was very clever to draw a person in by writing about Muslims and summer vacations especially with the situation in the Middle East in everyone’s news feed – very clever indeed. I wonder how many viewers that one article got!

How to build a blog

This is how you build a good blog – with articles that just sucks people in. I still have the same question on this blog that I put on another blog – why build your infrastructure with a powerful first article and then just let the blog sit there; doing nothing to entertain the visitor. I would come back – in fact I already did – second time to this blog and it is the same as what I saw the first time. I won’t come again.

Visitors Want More

You are losing web visitors instead of having more visitors. It seems like such a waste of time to get everything up and ready and then nothing! And the Muslim article was genius – what a way to suck viewers in.

Muslims Prefer France as Their Vacation Destination Spot during the summer

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Another new blog that has everything going for it. It is a travel blog and the first article was an interesting piece about where members of the Muslim community love to spend vacation time. And the favorite European destination seems to be France.

France – Destination of Muslims

France seems to have become the favor European travel spot for Muslim, as out of total of 400 Muslims that were asked 30 percent said France with second place a tie between Italy and England. France is also the more popular among visitors from Malaysia with nearly 30 percent choosing France.

Tourism is $140 billion in Europe

These 2014 results were just released from the Halal Tourism Conference held in Spain. Tourism in many countries in Europe is worth about $140 billion – yes, BILLION with a B of income for these countries. And by the year 2020, this number is expected to rise to $192 billion.

United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, the tourists from the Middle Eastern Countries spend a total of over $1.8 million in 2013. In time the amount of people who visit from the Middle East will also rise.

Increase web visitors

This is another interesting blog with a great first blog post. It was very well written and I found very interesting. With a little money spent to market this blog it would not surprise me one bit to see an increase web visitors.

France: Muslims Favorite European Vacation Destination

Vacation newsIt has been reported that France has become the most favorable European travel destination by tourists of Muslim descent. Out of a total 400 Muslims that were asked for their favorite destination, 30% chose France, 27% tied between Italy and England and 26% tied between Turkey and Germany. France is most popular amongst visitors from Malaysia, with nearly 30% choosing France as their top European destination.

These 2014 results were released earlier this week from the Halal Tourism Conference which was held in Spain. According to these results, last year the sector for tourism was worth about $140 billion, and they are expecting a rise to $192 billion by the year 2020. In just the UK, the tourists from Middle East countries spent a total of $1.8 billion in the year 2013 on European destinations. Over time, not only is the amount of money spent on these destinations supposed to rise, but the amount of people visiting from the Middle East will also rise.